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About MacIntosh Farms in Broadview Heights

MacIntosh Farms is a master-planned community in Broadview Heights that began construction in 1986, with its most recent home being built in 2008. Pulte Homes, Ryan, and other builders constructed 933 homes within the 380-acre community. There are several community pools: The Red Barn Community Center with pool, Orchard Pool, and Barnsley Way pool. Each pool area is unique, there is a pavilion at one, a child’s playground at another, and a tennis and basketball court at another.  The Red Barn community center is located near a pool.  The barn is available on a “first-come, first-served basis” for rental to residents for private parties and gatherings.  Throughout the community, there are paved walking paths, numerous tree plantings, and landscape beds. Sidewalks are on one side of the street in the area of the single-family homes.

 MacIntosh Farms has 218 single-family homes that sell on average around the $120s/SF. There are two cluster home communities inside the development, The Villas at MacIntosh Farms and Barnsley Way. In addition, there are four condominium communities, MacIntosh Farms Condominium No. 1, MacIntosh Farms Condominium No. 2, MacIntosh Farms Condominium No. 3, and The Villas of MacIntosh Farms.

This community is within North Royalton School District.

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Convenient Location

In Broadview Heights, Ohio, MacIntosh Farms is located on the north side of Boston Rd, west of Broadview Rd. This community is directly east of New Hampton and south of Briarwood Golf Course. This community sits on the borders of Richfield and Hinckley.

Entrance Sign on Hamilton Dr in Broadview Heights Ohio

MacIntosh Farms Driving Distances

  • I-77 access – 9 min
  • Downtown Brecksville Food – 11 min
  • Giant Eagle – 4 min
  • Downtown Independence Food – 15 min
  • Turnpike access – 10 min
  • USPS in Broadview Heights – 7 Min
  • Downtown Broadview Heights Food – 5 min
  • Downtown Cleveland – 25 min
  • Montrose/Fairlawn – 18 min
  • Beachwood Place Mall – 32 min
  • Strongsville Mall – 19 min
  • CLE International Airport – 25 min
  • Akron- 28 min
  • Crocker Park in Westlake – 39 Min

MacIntosh Farms Past Sales History

Condo Sales

Status ChangeList/Sell $DOM/CDOMAddressCityBeds TotalBASqft ApproxAcresYear BuiltGARAGE NUM OF CARS
1/16/2020$157,00059/591335 Buckboard Ln #5-2Broadview Heights32 (2 0)1,89019872
1/17/2020$185,00052/522150 Weatherwood Ln #1762Broadview Heights33 (2 1)2,25519952
6/25/2020$218,00092/921540 Brighton WayBroadview Heights33 (2 1)2,05364.8919992
7/17/2020$191,50028/281705 Cortland Ln #1512Broadview Heights22 (2 0)1,815019892
7/27/2020$227,5002-Feb1527 Brighton WayBroadview Heights33 (2 1)1,75819992
7/31/2020$211,5003-Mar1425 Windrow LnBroadview Heights42 (2 0)1,67119862
9/15/2020$236,90017/171735 Tanhollow Trl #34Broadview Heights33 (2 1)2,05364.8919972
9/16/2020$225,0002-Feb1475 Windrow Ln #12-6Broadview Heights33 (2 1)1,87719872
9/29/2020$219,90019/191860 Hickory Ln #25Broadview Heights33 (2 1)2,06919972
10/20/2020$235,50012-Dec2135 Weatherwood Ln #1766Broadview Heights33 (2 1)2,05364.8919952
10/21/2020$181,00046/461415 Peppercorn Ln #7-2Broadview Heights32 (2 0)1,592019862
Request an updated list for this community by texting “MacIntosh Condo 44147” to 440-628-1321

Cluster Home Sales

Single Family Sales

Status Change List/Sell $DOM/CDOMAddressCityBeds TotalBASqft ApproxAcresYear BuiltGARAGE NUM OF CARS
4/18/2019$353,50062/2291422 Honeygold Ln #111Broadview Heights44 (3 1)3,0250.4719972
6/21/2019$396,0003-Mar1523 Newton PassBroadview Heights44 (3 1)2,8780.4619972
7/2/2019$475,00077/771153 Fireside TrlBroadview Heights44 (3 1)4,6800.4819993
8/21/2019$434,900113/1131536 Newton PassBroadview Heights46 (4 2)3,5200.5819982
10/10/2019$478,00016/161340 Fireside TrlBroadview Heights45 (4 1)3,8810.520003
10/29/2019$373,00077/771147 Fireside TrlBroadview Heights44 (3 1)3,5480.519993
12/13/2019$345,00076/761544 Newton PassBroadview Heights44 (3 1)2,9380.4719973
2/19/2020$355,000155/2861103 Fireside TrlBroadview Heights44 (3 1)2,8840.6219963
3/12/2020$415,000156/1561101 Fireside TrlBroadview Heights44 (3 1)3,7400.5819963
4/14/2020$393,500172/1721425 Honeygold LnBroadview Heights43 (2 1)3,2140.4819973
6/10/2020$395,00060/601138 Fireside TrlBroadview Heights44 (3 1)2,7820.519993
7/19/2020$338,00056/561029 Orchard LnBroadview Heights43 (2 1)2,6780.6519963
Request an updated list for this community by texting “MacIntosh Single Family 44147” to 440-628-1321

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