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We guide you through what you need to do to prepare your home for sale

Sell with Realty Done by Damien Baden and I’ll take you up in my Cessna Cardinal RG after closing!

Each home has certain tasks that need to be completed before you can market and collect the most amount of money for your home. We are here to guide you through what needs to be done without wasting any time. Take as much time as you need to prepare, we want our homes to be listed properly. We will even connect you with our network of service providers. Click the Realty Done by Damien Baden SOLD HOME photos below to get some ideas.

Together we determine a pricing strategy that benefits you

I will not lose a listing to another agent trying to buy your listing. If you do not understand what I mean by buying your listing, feel free to ask and I will happily explain. I will be upfront and honest by providing options to determine a strategy that works best for you. The goal behind a propper pricing strategy is to make you feel confident in moving forward with selling your home with the least amount of headaches. See our clients’ Realty Done by Damien Baden SOLD HOME results below.

With each listing, we do aggressive marketing campaigns

Every listing starts with an aggressive marketing campaign that builds urgency with your ideal buyers. Through our tech-savvy multi-channel marketing efforts, we can easily get your home in front of 5,000 to 20,000+ people within a few days outside of MLS, and Depending on how long each listing stays on the market, we will continue to do any necessary marketing until the home is under contract. We are not just putting your home on MLS with a sign in your yard and a lockbox on your door. We spend money advertising our listing regardless of the market we are in. Damien Baden is a certified luxury home marketing specialist and a direct response marketer. Most homes we list sell quickly, see our clients’ stats for Realty Done by Damien Baden SOLD HOMES below.

Experienced in sales and negotiation techniques

With over 500+ personally closed sales, not from others on my team, you are able to benefit from past clients’ experiences. A lot of unexpected events can come up during the process of selling your home. You don’t want an agent who is learning from your listing. You should have an agent who has the experience to safely guide you through the selling process and can confidently pivot when needed. Feel free to click here to read Realty Done by Damien Baden reviews from previous clients. If you are looking for a real estate shark who is quick and aggressive give Realty Done by Damien Baden a call or text at (440) 628-1321.

Please inquire about our listing performance guarantees – risk-free for you

We stand behind what we do and will never hold any seller client in a listing they are not satisfied with. If Realty Done by Damien Baden is unable to resolve your concerns, you can use another agent from any brokerage. You can even call our broker to confirm. Most brokers and brokerages will not allow this as they fear losing your listing. I’ll repeat that one more time, most other brokers will not allow this release to happen. My broker and I do because of my track record. Check out recent Realty Done by Damien Baden listings below.

Here are some of Realty Done By Damien Baden’s recent listings

Please pay attention to the professional picture quality, 3D tours, HD video tours, copy, and more. Just because we are in a strong seller’s market don’t think you can skimp on good marketing. Regardless of the market, your home deserves high-quality listings and experienced representation to drive the best price for you. Remember, the more interest you get online with multiple media, the more quality showings you receive, adding strong offers that bring higher prices and quicker closings.

Damien Baden has listed and sold over $72,000,000 in Northeast Ohio.

Click on any picture to see the attention Realty Done By Damien Baden puts into each listing.

List Price $350,000, Sold for $382,500 in 2 Days
List Price $300,000, Sold for $345,000 in 2.5 Days
List Price $425,000, Sold Price $425,000 within hours
List Price $250,000, Sold for $271,000 in 1.5 days
List Price $550,000, Sold For $585,000 in 1.5 days
List Price $665,000, Sold for $665,000 in 1.5 days
List Price $225,000, Sold For $225,500 in 2.5 days
List Price $500,000, Sold For $520,000 in 1.5 days

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