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About New Hampton in Broadview Heights

New Hampton is a master-planned community in Broadview Heights that started in 2002, with its most recent home being built in 2007. During its time, it was one of the fastest-selling communities in Northeast Ohio. I actually got my start in real estate selling New Hampton and have personally sold over 100+ homes in New Hampton. I remember when there were only a few houses built in the main boulevard entrance in 2002.

This community is within North Royalton School District.

Pulte homes constructed 613 homes within New Hampton. This 300-acre community has 100 acres left to nature preserve. New Hampton boasts a grand boulevard entranceway that looks as if it has two small football or soccer fields in the entrance with a beautifully lit tree-lined street at night. There is a community clubhouse with a pool, kiddy pool as well as a playground. Sidewalks are on both sides of the street and paved walking trails area connecting different sections of the community together. It’s a perfect place for active walkers, runners and bikers.

Lets break down the different sections of New Hampton.

Townhomes Of New Hampton

At the grand opening alone, I sold 21 townhomes, which is still a record I can’t beat for 1 day of sales all these years later. These townhomes were built between 2003-2005 and do not have basements. They are 2-3 bedrooms and are all roughly 1500sf and sell for around $120/sf. Residents of the New Hampton Townhomes pay monthly maintenance and the yearly HOA fee for New Hampton.

Stratford Village

This is an active adult community of ranch and 1st-floor master homes that range in size from 1900-2700. Stratford Village averages in the $130s/square foot range. These ranches and 1st floor masters were built between 2002-2005 and have full basements. Residents of the Stratford Village pay monthly maintenance and the yearly HOA fee for New Hampton.

New Hampton Detached Single Family

There are actually three different series of single family home types.

The smallest homes offer 1 ranch plan and 4 colonial style homes. All of these homes come with basements, two-car garages, and smaller home sites. Three different areas within the community have this type of single-family home, once referred to as the Canterbury series.

The next size up is the mid-sized or the Classic series of homes ranging from roughly 2350SF to 2850SF. All of these home plans are colonial-style homes with full basements and mainly two-car garages. The biggest difference here between the largest homes is the width of the yard. The lots are roughly 75′ wide.

The largest homes in the community with the largest lots are referred to as the Estate series. These homes are 1st and 2nd floor colonials with roughly 100′ wide lots that provide the opportunity of a 3 car garage. Square foot ranges from roughly 2,800SF up to 3,300. All the estate homes also have full basements.

Looking to buy a home here or already living here and planning to sell? Find out how you can get a FREE updated closing report of available and recently sold New Hampton homes below.

Convenient Location

In Broadview Heights, Ohio, New Hampton community is located on the north side of Boston Rd, east of Broadview Rd. This community is directly east of MacIntosh Farms and west of Brecksville’s luxury Four Season community. This community sits on the borders of Brecksville, Richfield and Hinckley.

New Hampton Entrance Sign on Hamilton Dr in Broadview Heights Ohio
New Hampton Community Map

New Hampton Driving Distances

  • I-77 access – 9 min
  • Downtown Brecksville Food – 11 min
  • Giant Eagle – 4 min
  • Downtown Independence Food – 15 min
  • Turnpike access – 10 min
  • USPS in Broadview Heights – 7 Min
  • Downtown Broadview Heights Food – 5 min
  • Downtown Cleveland – 25 min
  • Montrose/Fairlawn – 18 min
  • Beachwood Place Mall – 32 min
  • Strongsville Mall – 19 min
  • CLE International Airport – 25 min
  • Akron- 28 min
  • Crocker Park in Westlake – 39 Min

New Hampton Past Sales History

New Hampton Townhomes

Status Change List/Sell $DOM/CDOMAddressCityBeds TotalBASqft ApproxAcresYear BuiltGARAGE NUM OF CARS
2/12/2020$182,00076/761634 Laughton CirBroadview Heights33 (2 1)1,5920.0620052
3/24/2020$192,0004/41227 N Yorkshire DrBroadview Heights23 (2 1)1,5920.0720032
4/3/2020$180,0005/51662 Laughton CirBroadview Heights23 (2 1)1,59220052
4/25/2020$190,00021/211250 N Yorkshire DrBroadview Heights33 (2 1)1,5920.0720032
5/19/2020$192,90054/541526 Linton LnBroadview Heights23 (2 1)1,5920.0620032
5/20/2020$185,00014/14314 Bucknell CtBroadview Heights23 (2 1)1,5920.0520052
6/11/2020$192,0003/31528 Durham DrBroadview Heights33 (2 1)1,59220032
7/14/2020$193,00010/101348 Durham DrBroadview Heights23 (2 1)1,5140.0520032
7/27/2020$188,00016/161495 Durham DrBroadview Heights23 (2 1)1,51420042
8/16/2020$198,0004/4318 Bucknell CtBroadview Heights23 (2 1)1,59220052
8/17/2020$194,0002/21465 Durham DrBroadview Heights33 (2 1)1,5140.0620042
9/8/2020$197,00027/271371 S Yorkshire DrBroadview Heights23 (2 1)1,5140.0520042
9/14/2020$200,0004/41592 Laughton CirBroadview Heights23 (2 1)1,59220052
9/21/2020$178,50034/341407 N Yorkshire DrBroadview Heights23 (2 1)1,5920.0520032
10/8/2020$193,0009/91580 N Yorkshire DrBroadview Heights22 (2 0)1,5920.0720032
11/4/2020$202,0004/41524 S Yorkshire DrBroadview Heights23 (2 1)1,5140.0520032
11/9/2020$197,0004/41332 Kendal DrBroadview Heights23 (2 1)1,5920.5420052
Request an updated list for this community by texting “Townhomes Of New Hampton 44147” to 440-628-1321

Stratford VillageNew Hampton

Status Change List/Sell $DOM/CDOMAddressCityBeds TotalBASqft ApproxAcresYear BuiltGARAGE NUM OF CARS
3/7/2019$286,00052/52981 Kendal DrBroadview Heights33 (2 1)1,9400.1520041
6/18/2019$272,50022/22302 Stratford DrBroadview Heights22 (2 0)2,14120052
7/11/2019$260,0003/3283 Lexington CirBroadview Heights32 (2 0)1,9420.1520032
7/13/2019$341,00040/40317 Lexington CirBroadview Heights33 (3 0)2,0170.1520032
9/3/2019$338,90016/16836 Kendal DrBroadview Heights43 (2 1)2,7530.2320042
9/19/2019$319,90010/101196 Kendal DrBroadview Heights33 (2 1)2,5600.1520042
5/2/2020$322,9006/61052 Kendal DrBroadview Heights33 (2 1)2,5540.1520042
7/28/2020$330,00071/71329 Lexington CirBroadview Heights33 (2 1)2,2220.1620032
9/23/2020$335,00011/111196 Kendal DrBroadview Heights33 (2 1)2,5600.1520042
Request an updated list for this community by texting “New Hampton Stratford Village 44147” to 440-628-1321

New Hampton Detached Single Family

Smaller Single Family – Canterbury

Status Change List/Sell $DOM/CDOMAddressCityBeds TotalBASqft ApproxAcresYear BuiltGARAGE NUM OF CARS
5/24/2019$255,00053/53549 Andover CirBroadview Heights43 (2 1)2,1440.1320032
5/28/2019$287,90046/46202 Windham CtBroadview Heights43 (2 1)1,8120.1220022
5/31/2019$276,00013/13589 Lenox CtBroadview Heights33 (2 1)1,9460.1620042
6/4/2019$286,50035/35437 Carrington LnBroadview Heights33 (2 1)1,5250.2120022
8/13/2019$287,5001/11991 Nettleton LnBroadview Heights33 (2 1)1,8810.1420052
8/23/2019$273,50026/262173 Nettleton LnBroadview Heights33 (2 1)1,9430.1520052
2/25/2020$278,00043/43552 Cornell DrBroadview Heights33 (2 1)1,9810.1720042
5/14/2020$265,20020/20672 Cornell DrBroadview Heights33 (2 1)1,99320042
6/16/2020$296,0001/1578 Andover CirBroadview Heights33 (2 1)1,3730.2120032
9/22/2020$277,50033/33648 Cornell Dr #150Broadview Heights33 (2 1)1,9810.1320042
Request an updated list for this community by texting “New Hampton Small SF 44147” to 440-628-1321

Mid (Classic) to Larger (Estates) Single Family

Status Change List/Sell $DOM/CDOMAddressCityBeds TotalBASqft ApproxAcresYear BuiltGARAGE NUM OF CARS
5/16/2019$414,00077/77983 Shelton CirBroadview Heights45 (4 1)3,7500.3320033
6/4/2019$400,0001/1281 Wilmington DrBroadview Heights44 (3 1)2,8440.3220063
7/15/2019$419,00030/30208 Wilmington DrBroadview Heights33 (2 1)3,3410.3520063
9/3/2019$344,90036/36537 Wilmington DrBroadview Heights43 (2 1)2,7680.3620042
9/25/2019$395,00061/61385 Wilmington DrBroadview Heights44 (3 1)2,6290.3320052
10/25/2019$412,00025/25280 Wilmington DrBroadview Heights33 (2 1)3,6830.3320063
12/30/2019$414,00027/27408 Norwich DrBroadview Heights43 (2 1)3,7920.3120032
1/14/2020$335,000123/123497 Norwich DrBroadview Heights44 (3 1)2,7720.2720032
8/11/2020$375,00096/961789 Chadwick CtBroadview Heights44 (3 1)2,8710.2920042
8/20/2020$408,50024/24941 Hamilton DrBroadview Heights44 (3 1)2,8440.2720032
9/1/2020$433,22517/17425 Wilmington DrBroadview Heights45 (4 1)3,4440.3420043
9/3/2020$417,10041/468950 Shelton CirBroadview Heights44 (3 1)3,2890.3520032
10/7/2020$385,00062/621700 Hamilton DrBroadview Heights43 (2 1)2,8230.2720042
10/15/2020$470,0003/3471 Cornell DrBroadview Heights45 (3 2)3,4010.4320053
Request an updated list for this community by texting “New Hampton Large SF 44147” to 440-628-1321

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Would you like to receive an up-to-date sales and closing report for New Hampton in Broadview Heights? Even if you’d like to expand your search outside this development and include all North Royalton School District homes within this price range, reach out now by texting “New Hampton 44147” to 440-628-1321. You can expect your personalized sales and closing report by the next business day if not sooner.

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