Custom Home Builders Cleveland Ohio Face Labor Shortages

Custom Home Builders Cleveland Ohio

Damien Baden: All right. I got Tony Kucia here with Cleveland Custom Builders, and we wanted to talk today about some of the things that are going on when building a new home in 2021 in Cleveland Ohio. And it’s probably going to carry into 2022 as well, which are some of the new construction issues that people building a new home don’t typically expect that are coming up due to COVID and labor shortages. So, Tony, would you like to share a few things we are experiencing with new construction in Cleveland?

Tony Kucia: Yes. So as you, as everyone, pretty much knows right now you see help wanted signs everywhere and every business and that is in home building, our new construction does not go, untouched as well. I mean, there are labor shortages everywhere, and obviously, the key here is being a custom builder. You can’t just use anyone off the street. There are certain people or trades you can use, but so with that, you gotta be very selective. Custom home builders have to understand the parameters. Before hiring a trade for your new construction project obviously have to look at the person’s work that you’re maybe newly hiring. Or, what a lot of us really good custom home builders are doing, we’re waiting. We’re waiting for the right crew to come because we know to build a custom home, it takes a little more precision more experience. And of course the more quality mindset you’re going to find with that particular framer. So you’ll probably drive around, right. And I’ll see many foundations sitting, sitting for weeks months because we’re just waiting for the right guys and sure. You could get some other guys at a better price, but you pay for what you get or you wait for what you get in this case. And so we’re waiting, for that right now.

So if you’re interested in buying new construction in Cleveland Ohio, be sure to contact us today at (440) 628-1321. Feel free to call or text. We’ve helped over 400 buyers build new homes.

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