How To Use Photos To Sell Your House in Broadview Heights

How To Use Photos To Sell Your House in Broadview Heights

Use photos to sell your house the right way and you can generate a lot of interest to get your home sold quickly. More and more homebuyers scan the market long before they get a realtor involved. Many times they come to the realtor with several homes that have made the final list. This means homeowners can do themselves a favor by getting the best possible photos to highlight their home. A professional home photographer is usually worth his cost. Here’s how to use photos to sell your house in Broadview Heights.

Create Scale

Good home photography helps to make a home and all its interior rooms look bigger. While there are many people who buy smaller homes, it is more inviting as a buyer to think you are walking into a grand entrance and open floor plan. Help the photographer by removing clutter and arranging furniture away from walkways.

Make It Bright

Bright is inviting. No one wants to walk into the dark scary movie house. They want to imagine themselves hosting afternoon playdates with kids running in and out of the house to the patio. Make sure the lights are all on and the windows are open when taking the photographs to create the best lighting possible. A great photographer will know the best way to light your home and may even bring in his own lighting set to help highlight certain architectural features that become attractive selling points.

Curb Appeal

You already know that the landscaping needs to be clean and properly maintained. Once you have the yard looking perfect, prepare it for its photoshoot. Hose down the driveway and all sidewalks. Water the grass and mulch. Choose a time of day that shows the house in open natural light. Water helps make colors richer and hides any little imperfections such as minor cracks in the sidewalk. If you have quaint lighting that makes the home or pool look fantastic, consider a sunset or night shoot. If you do, make sure to get a photographer that will make the house shine in the dark, not get lost in the shadows.

Location Location Location

With drones, you can capture the entire landscape of your home. Not every home needs an ariel view. If the yard is small with neighbors right on the property line, this isn’t a good idea. But if you have a decent-sized yard with amazing landscaping, pull the drone out and get some sky shots. You may also use video footage to set the scale for how far away a prime school or part is from your home. Just make sure to let your neighbors know you’ll be doing a drone shoot so no one is caught, ahem, off guard in their backyard.

Put Your Best Face Forward

Once you have all the photos, don’t just toss them into the listing. Take the time to choose the ones that highlight the home best. You might decide to not use all of them. Remember that the photos attract people who are looking online to visit an open house or make an appointment to see it. Many great homes are overlooked online because no one took the time to choose the best main picture and the key pictures that show the assets of the house. Your realtor will be a trusted ally in helping you with this critical marketing piece.

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