Simple Ways To Sort Your Stuff Before Moving In Broadview Heights

Moving – it’s one of the most dreaded chores in the universe. But it has to be done at times. But the upside is that it forces you to get rid of all that stuff you never use and is just cluttering up your home. In addition, purging and paring down your belongings makes moving both easier and cheaper when it comes to paying the movers. Really, the hardest part of any task is just getting started, so we’re going to help you with that – with these simple ways to sort your stuff before moving in Broadview Heights.

Get a Moving Checklist

Before you begin sorting your stuff before moving in Broadview Heights, before you do anything at all, make or procure a moving checklist. Planning and proceeding methodically are the keys to success in any endeavor, and packing and moving are no different. You can check off moving tasks as they are completed, making sure nothing is left out. You can find any number of these checklists online, but make sure the one you use has a timeline for completing tasks.

Take an Inventory

Now, getting down to the nitty-gritty, you need to take an inventory as your first step toward sorting stuff before moving in Broadview Heights. You have to know what you actually have before you can begin deciding what to do with it. Pen and paper will do the job, but a spreadsheet is even better. Once you’ve compiled a complete list, begin organizing it into useful categories. Once you have your categorized inventory in hand, you’re ready to get down the business of the actual sorting.

Start Piling

The next step in sorting through your stuff before moving in Broadview Heights is to get everything out and start making piles. Start with two piles: a “keep” pile and a “don’t-keep” pile.


So, what goes into your keep pile? No, it’s not stuff you want to keep because you may have a use for it someday. Rather, keep only those things that meet some rigorous criteria. Ask yourself this: “Have I used or worn this item within the last year?” (And for clothing, you need to have worn it at least twice in the last year.) If the answer is “No,” it doesn’t go into the keep pile. Be brutally honest here, and set aside your emotions.


Everything that didn’t make the cut for the keep pile goes into the don’t keep pile. And once everything is in the don’t-keep pile, you then subdivide it. You could have, for example, a donate pile, a sell pile, and maybe a recycle pile.

Whatever items have seen little or no use and are still in good shape go into the donate pile. Clothing shouldn’t be stained or torn, and other items shouldn’t be broken and should be in good working order. You don’t want to waste a charitable organization’s time by donating unusable items that they’ll have to sort out and then throw away.

In the sell pile, you’ll put items that likely have some value to someone who would be willing to pay for them. You can take clothing to consignment stores, you can sell household items at a garage sale.

Then, put the items divided by piles into their own containers or bags and check that task off your list.

Circle Back

The next step in sorting your stuff before moving in Broadview Heights is to circle back and revisit your keep pile. Look at each and every item carefully and objectively, considering whether you will actually use it again. If you have any hesitation about an item, it should probably go into one of the don’t-keep piles. When you’re writing a check to the moving company, you’ll be glad you did this.

Choose the Right Moving Company

The last thing you have to do before moving in Broadview Heights is to choose your moving company. Get an in-home estimate and start packing only after you get that estimate. You want the mover to be able to see everything you have in order to get an accurate estimate. Your agent can help you here because a good agent is connected with a wide network of professionals in all aspects of real estate.

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