5 Great Tips To Help Simplify Buying A New Home in Broadview Heights

Buying a new home in Broadview Heights, while often an exciting adventure, almost always involves a lot of time and effort. And a host of things can go wrong to make the whole thing drag on even longer. So anything you can do to simplify the process, especially in the early stages, is absolutely worth doing because simplifying usually results in a more effective and more enjoyable home buying experience. Here, then, are 5 great tips to help simplify buying a new home in Broadview Heights.

1. Determine Wants and Needs

The first thing you should do to simplify buying a new home in Broadview Heights is to take the time to figure out your wants and needs in a new home. The two main areas of concern here are the location and the type of home you want. After you nail those, you can drill down and get more specific.

So before you spend hours and hours wading through online listings, sit down and make a thorough checklist of exactly what you want and need in a home. Think about your stage of life now and where you’ll be in, say, five or 10 years. Some of the things to consider include:

  • Family size
  • Employment prospects
  • Possibility of working from home
  • Downsizing or upgrading
  • Lifestyle needs
  • Maintenance commitment

Your budget for buying a new home in Broadview Heights and the neighborhood will be important considerations as well. Discuss your wants and needs with Broadview Heights agent to ensure you get a good fit. To find out more, contact a local agent at (440) 628-1321.

2. Research and Shop

Simplifying the process of buying a new home in Broadview Heights should also include plenty of research and judicious shopping. You spend plenty of time doing research and shopping around before making any other major purchase, don’t you? It should be no different when buying a home.

Thoroughly check out online listings, look into things like crime rates and school quality, and then visit potential homes in person – while always keeping your checklist of wants and needs in mind. Industry experts recommend that you look at 50 to 100 homes to get good feel for the market. They also recommend establishing a good relationship with your local agent who can alert you to new listings before they even hit the market.

3. Make a Shortlist

After thoroughly researching and doing some shopping, draw up a shortlist of possible homes. This will allow you to eliminate the homes that don’t meet your requirements so that you can concentrate only on those that do.

When compiling your shortlist, keep in mind:

  • Price
  • Age and condition
  • Nearby shops, entertainment, and transportation
  • Curb appeal
  • Quality of schools
  • Floor plan
  • Type of construction
  • Suitability of kitchen and bathroom(s)
  • Room sizes
  • Living spaces
  • Appreciation potential
  • The personality of the neighborhood

Now you can cull all those homes that don’t stack up. Real estate pros advise making a shortlist of no more than three homes that really appeal to you and meet your needs.

4. Shop for a Lender and Get Pre-Approved

Another great way to simplify buying a new home in Broadview Heights is by shopping for a lender and then getting pre-approved. You may be tempted, simply for the sake of ease and convenience, to go with a credit union or bank that offers a turnkey service. But by doing so, you may not get the best terms and rates.

Do be sure to get pre-approved, though. Pre-approval will immensely simplify buying a home. You’ll be perceived as a serious buyer, and you’ll have much more negotiating leverage.

5. Hire a Local Agent You Can Trust

Really, though, the best thing you can do to simplify buying a new home in Broadview Heights is to hire a local real estate agent you can trust. You simply have to know what’s going on in the local market, and a local agent can help you with that.

If you really want to simplify the process of buying a new home in Broadview Heights, let one of our experienced agents assist you. Contact us today by calling or texting (440) 628-1321.

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