5 Ways Broadview Heights Homeowners Can Blend the Outdoors With the Indoors

Some of us like to live in a space that doesn’t separate the outdoors and indoors, but rather carefully brings them together in a harmonious fashion to enhance our everyday living experience. In order to make this idea into a reality, let’s look at 5 ways Broadview Heights homeowners can blend the outdoors with the indoors:

Coordinate Your Colors 

One of the easiest ways to blend the outdoors with the indoors is to try using color to imitate that outdoor look and feel. 

You’ll often hear people discussing using earth tones to paint their homes, and this is what we’re going for as well. To define what earthy tones are, think of the colors you see out in nature. 

You aren’t limited to different shades of green and brown as there are all kinds of reds, yellows, and even blues that qualify. Most earth tones are going to be dulled slightly relative to what we imagine when painting a new home, so dial back the shine and saturation just a tad and you can open up your available palette substantially.

Choose Appropriate Materials

Going along with selecting appropriate colors to represent those seen outdoors, doing the same thing with the materials of your decor will do wonders in achieving your goals. 

As is the case in choosing colors, you have to decide how far you are willing to take the imitation of the outdoors in order to determine the overall look you’re going for. Perhaps you are satisfied with using floral or nature-themed patterns to accomplish this task, or maybe you want to go full rustic with wood furniture showing off exposed timber and bark. 

Take a look at your available options and your instincts will help you decide what feels best.

Manage Your Light

Every home can benefit from additional light helping to brighten up each room, which helps to make spaces seem larger and open. 

If you’re looking to maximize this gain, there are some projects you could consider – some much more costly than others. 

First, putting in new cellular blinds that filter sunlight rather than entirely block it is a good opening step. Taking things much further and hiring a contractor can allow you to install new, wider windows with better energy efficiency means not only more sunlight in your home but a better running HVAC system. 

You can also consider putting in an awning over a porch or the trendier choice of extending your roof to cover that same porch area to create a more permanent living space.

Open Things Up

Blending the outdoors with the indoors doesn’t have to totally break the bank, and choosing to put in a new sliding glass door can help accomplish the same goal without as much financial investment as the previous steps. 

Screened doors and windows allow you to open them up during warmer weather and save money on your electric bill while enjoying the fresh air. Sliding pocket doors have also become quite popular as an alternative to the traditional sliding glass door, and they help to create an even more open look.

Transfer Your Living Space Outdoors

A common contemporary strategy to blend you indoor and outdoor design is to create outdoor living spaces. 

A simple set of patio furniture or a fire pit is all you need to kick this off, and it can be a serious game-changer in your daily living. Actively making the choice to entertain guests outside helps to make the outdoor environment a more normal living space, and it can turn your house into quite a unique party experience.

Expert Help Blending the Outdoors with the Indoors in Broadview Heights

If you’re looking to blend the outdoors with the indoors in your Broadview Heights home, contact us today by calling or texting (440) 628-1321!

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