5 Great Ideas To Use For Your Broadview Heights Open House This Summer

An open house this summer should resemble (at least a little) a job interview or the house’s audition. But the reality is that most of the time they are boring at best. Potential buyers show up, look around for a little, feign some interest, and then duck out as soon as they can. And often the only reason they show up at all is for the refreshments. But it doesn’t have to be that way – an open house can be an effective marketing tool. Here are 5 great ideas to use for your Broadview Heights open house this summer.

1. Hold a Neighborhood Block Party

Everyone loves a party, so why not turn your open house into one? This idea works especially well for houses located on a cul-de-sac where you have a small community close at hand. For your open house this summer, then, invite the neighbors, stock the cooler, and throw some burgers on the grill. You can make the open house fun, and your neighbors can be your sales team.

2. Throw a Barbecue in the Back Yard

Another and similar idea to use for your Broadview Heights open house this summer is to throw a backyard barbecue – turning your open house from a dull viewing into a fun party. If you have the requisite outdoor living space, a backyard barbecue will allow potential buyers to experience your home while having a good time. You will also be giving buyers something, and they will feel obligated to give you something in return, maybe even an offer. Never underestimate the power of the principle of reciprocity.

3. Stage Your Open House

If you go to all the trouble to schedule a Broadview Heights open house, you might as well invest a little more money and effort to ensure its success. And one thing you can do here is to hire a professional stager to create lifestyle vignettes in each room, giving buyers a real sense of what life in your home would be like for them.

4. Have a Theme

A very effective tactic for your Broadview Heights open house is a themed open house. This works especially well near and around summer holidays like Memorial Day and Independence Day. You can decorate according to the theme, have theme appropriate foods, and even have some fun themed activities. It’s a great way to get potential buyers actively engaged in the open house.

5. Market Effectively and Thoroughly

An essential part of your Broadview Heights open house will be marketing. People have to know about your open house if they are going to come. And today marketing means online marketing primarily. Survey results from the National Association of Realtors show that 90% of home buyers use the Internet in their home searches and shopping. And don’t forget that online marketing must include social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

But don’t neglect traditional marketing methods either – flyers and yard signs still work. Also, try to get your neighbors to spread the word for you. Word of mouth referrals carry a lot of clout.

Bonus: Talk to Your Local Agent

These are indeed 5 great ideas to use for your Broadview Heights open house this summer. Still, there’s a lot more to having a successful open house that can be covered in one brief article. Your most valuable resource will be your experienced local real estate agent. He knows the local market and exactly what buyers are looking for, as well as how to display your home to best advantage and showcase the most attractive features during the open house.

So if you’re ready to have a productive Broadview Heights open house this summer, contact us today! (440) 628-1321 Call or Text

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