3 Pros of Buying a New Construction House in Broadview Heights

There’s something about being the first one to own and live in a brand new home – the first to park your car in the garage, the first to barbeque in the backyard, the very first to decorate it your way. Beyond that, though, many people are hurrying to buy new construction houses in order to stay ahead of rising interest rates. Also, with housing inventory on the decline, more potential homebuyers are considering new construction. Let’s take a look, then, at another 3 pros of buying a new construction house in Broadview Heights.

1. Energy Efficiency

Of the 3 pros of buying a new construction house in Broadview Heights, this one is becoming increasingly important. New homes are more energy-efficient than older existing homes. And that’s important for both the environment and your bank account.

Revised building codes mandate higher energy-efficiency standards in new construction. For example, the 2009 Energy Conservation Code calls for about a 17% higher energy efficiency in newly constructed homes. This greater energy efficiency is achieved in a couple of ways. First, new homes are sealed much more tightly, thus reducing the loss of heat and cool air. Second, advances in window and door construction ensure that they are better insulated to minimize the transfer of heat or cold.

In addition, new home builders have made great strides in becoming not only more energy conscious, but greener as well. This can be seen especially in the utilization of high-efficiency appliances, including HVAC units, refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, and driers. Installation of high-efficiency, low-volume plumbing fixtures also contributes while saving you money.

2. Repair and Maintenance Reduction

A new construction home will need almost nothing in the way of repairs and will require little in the way of maintenance because it is . . . well, new. Beyond simply being new, the features of these homes consist of better materials and have been installed with new construction methods. This reduces decay and deterioration and the effects of wear and tear.

In addition, new homes are expressly engineered and constructed to minimize required maintenance. For example, many builders now use composite materials for exterior trim instead of the formerly standard wood. These composite products hold up far better and require less frequent repainting and replacement.

3. Better Bargain Potential

The better bargain potential is one of the 3 pros of buying a new construction house in Broadview Heights that will be a major plus for most people. The plain fact is you are much more likely to get a new home builder to agree to concessions than you would an individual seller of an existing home. You often have to work around an individual seller’s emotional attachment to the home, but with a builder, it’s purely business. Further, a builder doesn’t have to squeeze as much profit out of every single house because that profit (or loss) can be spread across their many projects.

Also, buying a new construction house may offer some mortgaging financing perks that aren’t available for existing homes. Larger builders may have their own mortgage companies and can offer lower rates and even absorb the closing costs.

These 3 pros of buying a new construction house in Broadview Heights make it look pretty appealing, don’t they? And it can definitely save you a significant amount of money – with lower energy costs, less to spend on repairs and maintenance, and possibly more home for your dollar.

We have helped over 400 home buyers with their new home construction purchase and can provide that knowledge and experience to your build.


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